Thursday, April 17, 2008

Raging against the passage of time, I’ve adopted a new sport. Rock climbing. For years I’ve considered it my favorite spectator sport. I’ve learned to visit Eldorado Canyon State Park alone as my friends grow weary of watching me watch climbers. They liken it to watching paint dry.
Two weeks ago I went to Eldo to fly fish, but it was too damned windy. I gave up and went to plan B…watching climbers. I was amazed to see two hotties climb C’est La Vie, a 5.11b. Two and a half hours of scoping them out with my 10 x 50’s! My arms were sore and I didn’t even climb! When they came down I went over to congratulate them. They were walking off the ground, they were so stoked. “What we’re we thinking?” one of them said. “This is our first climb of the season." I shook his bloody hand and told him that watching them climb was worth the admission to the park. ($6.00)
Did I think to take a picture of them? No. The picture above is me at Eleven Mile State Park on a 5.7 taken last year.Next up is Calypso at Eldo…a 5.6. This July I will be plenty-nine (read 60) and plan to be climbing something awesome.

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