Wednesday, January 17, 2007


We have had storm on top of storm since before Christmas. Then the National Western Stock Show came to town, as it does every year, and it got colder than fuck! They should move the Stock Show to July when we need a break in the heat! I need to retire to Mexico. Now.
Luigi and Conzecione have a wood burning stove and I chop wood till by hands bleed. This has kept me from posting. Tonight I hauled ashes. Alas…Cinderella. All I ever wanted to be was Snow White.I missed the goddamned Comet McNaught! It was so cold I couldn’t step out of the house! Wind blowing. Frost bite. It looked like a street light from the back yard. Through the trees! Ahh…Hale Bopp! How it shown so brightly in the summer sky and night after night. This thing was bing, bang, gone!

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