Friday, January 05, 2007


Since I last wrote about the Angels From Out Of The Blizzard, we have had two more storms…a week apart. Last Friday the state even called another snow day. I’m starting to go stir crazy! Today we had another storm. It dumped about a foot here in Lafayette and much less in Denver.
The bus made it…thank God, and what did I behold? Luigi came to the RTD Park and Ride and dug my car out! He even dug out my coveted place in front of the house! How special is that?
Above are pictures of Luigi’s bread oven that he built and the axe Concezione uses for chopping kindling. This was nothing compared to the last two storms. Now they’re telling us we’re going to get another BIG storm next week. What ever happened to global warming? Guess the east coast is getting the warming. Cherry blossoms in January! Can you hardly?
New Year’s Eve was pretty quiet and uneventful. Until midnight…I broke out the cherry bombs and bottle rockets. The first bottle rocket hit the roof of the deck, bounced back and exploded at my feet. Something went wrong with the trajectory, like sake, rum, whisky and Reindeer Cum (eggnog).


Mark Hernandef said...

Nice. Sake and reindeer cum? Craziest combo ever. Have things thawed out? I don't envy you with all that frozen shit.

ToppaTwo said...

We are still frozen! You're at about the same lattitude, I think. Does it get nipply in Korea?