Saturday, December 09, 2006

The Neighbor’s Minstrel Snowmen

Last night I went to dinner with Luigi and Concezione at a nice Mexican place called La Familia. The rellenos were great and so were the two liters of Margaritas that we consumed. As we were leaving and strolling across the parking lot, the waiter hollered from the door that Concezione had forgotten her scarf. I dashed back to get it and then ran back to where they were standing. I must have hit a rough piece of pavement, but I went flying face forward. My hands are scraped up and I’ve got a gash below my right eyebrow. Luigi thought I should go to the emergency room, but after we got home and I saw it in the mirror, it was a tough call. I didn’t go to emergency, but I’ve got a nice shiner. Luigi took pictures and I was going to put one on the blog. No way. They are soooo unflattering and at my age we try to avoid anything but our best sides.

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Mark Hernandef said...

Yes, sir, that's a nice-lookin snowman. At my last school, whenever they had "ethnic" characters in the textbook, they were always done in a way that would make Al Jolson seem p.c.