Thursday, December 07, 2006

A Fine Education

I’m not going to name this babe. She’s a teacher in Colorado and you can find it on the internet. She’s in all the Denver media. Twenty-nine (not plenty-nine like me) and she’s alledgedly playing “Doom Teacher” with this seventeen year old male student. Alas…she has stolen his childhood! He will never be the same. He will live with this the rest of his life!!! Goddam lucky motherfucker! Was he doing it for a good grade? I don’t think so. Was he doing it because she resembles a Playboy bunny? Probably. However…the teacher’s husband is also the principal of the school. Boy! What were you thinking? He’s got your diploma by the short hairs. Well, maybe not. You’re an innocent young thing and she took advantage of you. You’ll survive and maybe sell your story to the Enquirer. I just have a sneaking hunch though, Mr. Sperm Burper, that you’re not in the math club, or the chess club. Just a hunch, mind you. I could be very wrong. I just don’t see her going for the wimpy geek type. A night in the woods with the kiddies and you all are making out like bandits in the common room. It had to be the Jack Daniels. Jack will get you every time. And the Everclear? Who the fuck drinks Everclear? Liquor is quicker, but Everclear is a date rape drug!
They are going to nail this chick to the wall and I don’t think it’s fair. She’s young, he’s young (probably has more sex in a week than I have in a year!) and because he’s less than twelve months from being of age, she’s going to have to serve time.Now, if this were someone’s seventeen year old daughter and the teacher was a twenty-nine year old male…people would be foaming at the mouth. I would too, I guess. What’s up with this double standard? I don’t want this teacher to get hurt. I guess it’s because I’m a man and men are dogs; I don’t care what age they are! I see this kid and I think, “Yeah! Right on!” I just hope for her sake that I am on the jury.

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