Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Another One Bites The Dust

Yet another Colorado preacher has fessed up that he’s gay. Not as famous as Ted Haggard, Paul Barnes of Grace Chapel (pictured above – the chapel, not Barnes) has confessed after the church received an anonymous call. The full skinny is this Denver Post article.
Barnes said he has known that he’s gay since he was five years old, but still thinks it’s a choice. When did you decide you were gay, Paul? When you were four or five? Or before that? You’ve known it since you were five so that must be when you made the choice. You butt fucking idiot! How stupid and gullible do you think people are? You’re fired, asshole, so get off the fucking pulpit and tell it like it is. A choice? Think about the choices we make when we’re five years old. With the kind of crap you spew, I hope the “board of elders” punishes you be sewing your lying lips shut.
My big laugh of the day was in the Town Talk section of the Denver Daily News. They ask these burning questions: “Are there any openly gay pastors out there who are going to admit that they’ve been living a lie and actually like women?” And…”Would having a gay pastor be better? Would it mean there would be more color in the church, more fabulous sermons, and baptisms that include a full spa package?"

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