Monday, November 20, 2006

What A Lovable Mug

Just watched the tape of Michael Richard’s tirade and read some articles about the outburst. “He said the ‘N’ word.” Imagine if you will, I was in the audience and had been taunting him. Do you think he would have started screaming “faggot?” If he had, would there have been a big to do? I think not. If it were reported at all, the news would have said that Michael Richards screamed “faggot.” They wouldn’t have said he screamed the “F” word. Hmm. That would leave people in doubt as to whether he said “faggot” or “fuck.” Screw this PC crap! Report it as he said it. “Nigger.” I hardly ever hear that word anymore except when I’m around a bunch of young black guys and it’s nigger this and nigger that. Well…they don’t say the “er” part. It’s generally pronounced “nigga.” Of course when I’m around gay people we will refer to each other as “faggots.” I was in a comedy club in Denver a few years ago and the comedian referred to gay men as “fudge packers.” Everybody laughed and nobody left. I was a little uncomfortable until I quickly came to my senses and realized that the man had issues. Perhaps a little fear of his own homosexuality. I stopped short of flirting with him after the show. Was Michael Richards wrong to do this? Absolutely! Is he as bad as Mel Gibson? No one on this earth is as bad as Mel Gibson!

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