Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I Like the New Choo Choo!

The new system is great! Yesterday, however, I spent 40 minutes waiting for the 79 bus to take me from the light rail station at the University of Denver to home. Today I drove 10 minutes to the light rail station, parked for free in the garage and was to work in no time. Same coming home. Caught the train, snicker snack, and 10 minutes to home in my car. Screw the bus.When you park at the DU station you take a ticket and have to have it stamped in a machine at your destination. This is to prevent DU students from parking free at the park and ride. DU students get an ECO pass for free that lets them travel all over on the trains and busses. Here’s how you do it, kiddies! Park at the DU park and ride. Take the train to the next stop. Stamp your ticket in the machine. Get on the next train going back to DU and get to class! All this in less than 5 minutes! Of course this will catch on and RTD will start profiling young people like the State Patrol on the ass of a Mexican driving through Vail.

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