Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thanksgiving At Hooters?

I did this with a chicken not too long ago. I like this one better!
Another garage sale with Trang Gotbux today. He got this wild hair since the weather here is FABULOUS and he doing a marathon garage sale through Sunday.
I’ll celebrate Thanksgiving with Farley and Margaux tomorrow. I did a Google search of different candied yam recipes. I decided on a combination of things from the recipes. Yams (canned…ain’t got time to fuck around), orange juice, brown sugar, fresh mango slices, marshmallows, cinnamon imperials and a splash of bourbon. I’m bringing a bottle of wine in case this is a disaster.
Went to the King Soopers from hell to get all the stuff. The parking lot was packed. I anticipated a wait at the self check out. When I was ready, two of the regular lanes had no customers. I was in and out snicker snack. On the way out I caught the heady scent of pine. Sure enough…Christmas Trees.
Luigi and Concezione always do it up right for Christmas and I’m looking forward to a wonderful holiday season with all the right people. The left people can come too, but we’ll have to go downstairs.THANKFUL? You bet!

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