Sunday, November 19, 2006

Little Lord Fauntleroy

This guy is too fucking much! So mucking fuch that Peach is going to hire him as her designer. You’ll find his website on the right under the links section entitled Too Fucking Priceless. I love finding a site like this. This dude has stones. Nice tush too!
How come I never have any neighbors like that? What am I talking about? I am the neighbor like that!
I sold my dining room table today to a nice young couple newly moved here from Arizona. Hooray! Now to get rid of the piano and the desk. Any takers?
Tomorrow is the first business day of Denver’s new light rail extension. My regular bus that took me downtown was made redundant. Now I have to take a new bus to the light rail station at the University of Denver, take the train to I-25 and Broadway and then change trains to take me downtown. We are not amused. It’s going to be packed. I just know it!

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Mark Hernandef said...

oy. I've had a recurring dream for years where this guy makes a cameo. It's those eyes that just scream "Take a blacklight to this pixie suit. I double-dog-dare you!" And, under the blacklight, you find your own name, written in pixie semen. frightening.