Saturday, November 18, 2006

Help meeee!!!
I advertised two items of furniture on Craigslist. My piano and a table with four chairs. Got four replies. Contacted two of them, gave them the address and then they called back later with…”my husband says I don’t need a new table.” “My wife doesn’t think it will fit.” Oh great. Strangers with my address. Creeps me out a little bit. But...I’ve always relied on the kindness of strangers and then stranger the better!
Cher and Noble were in town and took me to Hamburger Mary’s. Cher thought this was the place where drag queens wait tables. I guess that place is called “Bump and Grind.” No matter…we had a wonderful time! I’m giving myself climbing shoes for Christmas. Noble and Cher are going to teach me to climb in Eldorado Canyon. Can’t wait!!! Noble said he has a sling harness that will fit me.I was on my way to the bus the other day and stopped at the Adam’s Mark Hotel gift shop to pick up a roll of Peppermint Lifesavers. $1.25. I didn’t buy them. Had Peach walked in there, asked for a box of tampax and was told $25.00, she would have slapped the bitch. I just left. Thank you for not being there Peach.

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