Thursday, November 16, 2006

Only You Can Prevent Grease Splatters
If you can stand the heat…get out of the kitchen! This is an apron that my cousin Luigi and his lovely wife Concezione brought me from Italia. It stands as one of those rare gifts that I truly appreciate. How does one reciprocate? By cooking in it of course!
What a fricking newsday…a cat gives birth to a puppiesa pedo priest dies in Cancun (WTF! I can’t afford a trip to Cancun!) and OJ weeps. Where is the justice?
At the very bottom (the dregs) of my blog, is a gross commercial attempt to make money on the web. I will showcase my favorite books. These are must reads, of course! I don’t have time to fuck around with crap. You will love Freakonomics! By the way…if you want something that’s free and edifying, check out my links. Get To Class is a link to the University of California at Berkeley. They have podcast courses and steaming video of some of the classes. My favorite is “Physics for Future Presidents.” This is taught by Professor Richard Muller and is worth every moment that you put into it! Trust me. Steven Levitt makes economics a dinner conversation piece. Muller turns physics into the most exciting thing you’ve heard all day. Must get back to dinner! Don’t want the Rocky Mountains Oysters to get soggy!

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