Wednesday, November 15, 2006

My Great Uncle Bertram and His Boys, Beau and Tiful.

Just discovered him with the help of Mormon’s at the library in Salt Lake City. His wife was a gypsy woman named Maria Spermatazoa who left him shortly after the birth of their twins. They named them Beau and Tiful. Put together, their names spell…BeauTiful. After Uncle Bertram’s death, the city of Orem kept well cared for and hidden. They would bring them out only at night to scare away Catholics and Jews trying to move into the city. Their bones are kept in city hall and are shown only upon request. Ask, the next time you’re there!

1 comment:

T G said...

Oh you dog you......
You had me going until you spilled old Maria's
madien name. Why not Tazoamond, or maybe Spermettadon, or really make them BELIEVE!. You
always told me her name was "Moremen". Right?
Keep'um cummin.
Love ya,