Monday, November 13, 2006

Questions you wished you’d asked…or not.

This is one of my favorite cartoons. Just spells it out. Kind of like the mother asking her daughter. “Darling. Are you a virgin?” Darling answers, “Not yet.”
Little Jimmy Dobson is too busy to help his old bud, Teddy Haggard. Teddy bought a shit load of cockrings at The Crypt according to an article in Westword. He was spending around $200 a month in this place for such toys as an electrical device to stimulate the urethra. No shit! Check it out! Would Westword lie? Patty Calhoun? I think not!
Did Teddy pass out cock rings among his ilk? Probably. Little Jimmy Dobson. What size cock ring do you wear? Little Jimmy reminds me of a filthy poem that a telephone linewoman told me once. Wanna hear it? Hear goes:

When a man gets old
And his cock grows cold
And the head of his dick
Turns blue
And the hole in the middle
Refuses to piddle
I’d say he’s fucked
Wouldn’t you?

I could really get into dissing religion at this point, but I won’t. They’re not all that bad. After all…I fucked a priest once!

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