Sunday, November 12, 2006


Found this old photo of Peach and Rue from about a hundred years ago at some coronation event. I think that was the night Peach was objecting to the high price of liquor at these events and secreted a bottle of Root Beer Schnapps in her purse. While discreetly trying to pour a drink under the table, she splashed schnapps over her lovely nails and it ate through the glue. It just about made her hurl when her nails bent back and forth like she had some hideous nail fungus. At least her tits stayed on! Rue put her nails on with super glue and that’s another story.
After coronation they went to a couple bars. Peach didn’t want to carry the schnapps into a regular bar so she stuck the bottle under Rue’s car seat. A few nights later Rue was pulled over by the cops because of some erratic driving. The cop found the bottle under the passenger seat and that’s all it took. Rue assured Peach that it wasn’t her fault as she was totally fucked up and they would have hauled her cherry ass to jail, schnapps or no.

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