Friday, November 10, 2006

My Lovely Home Awash In A Sea Of Boxes
In the midst of moving and there’s no light at the end of the tunnel! It’s like pulling the stuffing out of a mattress; it just keeps on coming and coming and coming!
I’m trying to get 98% of my stuff in the storage place and live like I did when I was in Ecuador…out of a backpack. It’s only for six months. I can do this!
My cousin Luigi and his wife Concezione are being very gracious for letting me live there and save some money. I am grateful!
The dentist is dragging me down financially. My car had to be fixed and the asshole mechanic on the corner that Trang swears by told me it would cost $750 for new CV joints. My supervisor told me about her wonderful mechanic that she’s known for 22 years. I went to him and was out of there for $270. Big difference. Now I can drive again and not feel like I’m going to have an axel freeze up at any moment, throwing me into the path of oncoming busses and semis.
Luigi and Concezione live seven miles west of Boulder in a bucolic hamlet know as Lafayette. Under the town is a maze of old coal mine tunnels and occasionally a neighborhood sinks into the abyss. I think it would be smart to drill down and see if there’s a pocket of methane under the house. It could be used for heating and cooking…even generating electricity. Free power! Yeah!!!
Today is Veterans Day. Happy day Vets. In a perfect world you’d be the last of a dying breed. Oh that it should be so! Not even the Democrats could pull that off. This country is driven by the mantra: Embrace freedom or we’ll kill you! Then there are the oil countries: Believe in Allah or we’ll kill you! What great poet said, “It’s a fucked up world we live in!” Oh yeah…Eminem.

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