Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I voted at the latest and greatest voting machine sensation…the Vo-Tel No-Tel Motel. I had my choice of Charlie, a Republican who was high on meth and offered to tongue my poop chute in exchange for a Bob Beauprez vote. It was tempting, but I chose Doris for a righteous blow job (from a woman yet!) and cast my vote for Bill Ritter.
This just in (always wanted to say that)…a Denver judge will not extend the voting even though the machines fucked up relentlessly this morning. Had I known, just one hour ago, I could have voted her stank ass out of office. Bitch! All these Denverites stood in line this morning for nothing. Judge Sheila Rappaport said she doesn’t have the authority to extend the voting. Oh yeah? Who does? Kiss your robes goodbye, cause I’ll remember you in ’08 and make certain that others do too. Nothing personal…just politics

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Anonymous said...

Hi Alan,

I agree!~

Pat (from high school)