Monday, October 23, 2006

Today I celebrate four months of not smoking! Hooray for me!! Sis Boom Bah! Here's a couple of wild cheers from my high school days that almost had the refs forfeiting our games.

Alla ka zee
Alla ka zam
Son of a bitch
Fuck em
Fight em
Mite em

Mind you, these were broken up by different sides of the bleachers so it wasn't all coming from one direction. Here's the other one:

Who's going to carry the midnight mail?
I'll carry the midnight mail!
What about the Indians?
Fuck the Indians!
You'd fuck an Indian?
I'd fuck a duck!
(In unison) You fowl fucker!!!

My apologies to any Native American who may have taken offense.

Here's a song sung by an Australian ski patrolman back in my Aspen days. We sing this at the top of our lungs when coming down the mountain in the back of a truck after clearing brush in the summer.

She's a great big bitch
Twice the size of me
She's got hair around her asshole
Like branches on a tree
She can swim, fish, fight, fuck
Shovel shit and drive a truck
That's the kind of girl I want to marry

My apologies to any great big bitches who may haven taken offense.

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