Tuesday, October 24, 2006


She was such a skinny thing before she had all those kids. On the left, of course is Basheera. Don’t let those clothes fool you. She’s skinny as a rail, but looks well fed due to having just shoplifted a goat and some camel steaks. Next to her is Fiona. To Fiona’s right is Ditza. Ditza better watch her fine arab ass or she’s up for a public stoning. Next is Gulperi, the oldest of Uncle Majed’s six wives. That’s Majid taking the picture. Poor Gulperi hasn’t gotten laid since Majed married Jumamah who’s not in the picture. She’s at home giving birth…again! Last but certainly not least is Nafeesha. Under that head covering she’s slathered in makeup and looks like Courtney Love after an apple dunking contest. She also gets two or three tattoos every time they visit New York.

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