Sunday, October 22, 2006

Just before this was taken, the pumpkin was a new Lexus. My first wish is turning back into a cucumber and a couple of eggplants. I'm having a bad dental experience. I had a new crown put in a couple of months ago and now the tooth is very painful. It never did feel great! Dentistry used to be affordable, now it's cheaper to have a heart transplant! I even checked out that clinic in Thailand where John Mark Karr was going to go to change from spooky dude to scary woman. Sex change: $1,500. Dental crown: $650. For the price of two fucking crowns, I could be a woman. For the price of three crowns I could be a woman and have huge tits!!! Choices! Can you hardly? I sleep on my stomach. Just can't imagine! I just want nice fucking teeth and why should maintaining them cost more than a new Lexus? I know, I know. It's cheap to have it done in Mexico.

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