Friday, October 20, 2006

All right!!! A night on the town with Farley and Margaux. We’re going to Whispers Lounge, a piano bar. This place in lovely Aurora, CO used to be the smokiest bar in town…bar none. Now that smoking has been banned in Colorado except for the high tax dollar casinos, this place is fantastic! I used to smoke and the place bothered me! Now that I’m a non-smoker, I really appreciate it.
To get into Whispers you must prove you are over 70. I have a fake ID. Why do I go to these fucking wrinkle rooms anyway? I baffle myself. Then I make fun of the old people. Self-deprication?

All kidding aside mostly, I love this place. They play and sing the old standards. I play and sing the old standards. One of my favorite local moguls is Jake Jabs. He owns American Furniture Warehouse and he sings at Whispers on Friday nights. Great voice! He does a fair share of gospel too. Lions and tigers and bears…oh my! He leaves those at home. His wife is a looker and has nice bling. Jake is Jake.
Farley hates the place, but Margaux loves it.


Mark Hernandef said...

Dug the joke. Dug the "perritos" one better. That's good shit.

Pat Bauer said...

Hi Alan,
How are you? Just found your blog.

Pat Bauer Krauter