Sunday, August 15, 2010


The Sugar Lips lady makes miniature donuts with a plethora of sugary toppings.  I was tempted, but reason took over.  Kids love them so they must be good.
As I watched the little machine inside, flip the little donuts I mused over the word "sugar."  Why do we pronounce it "shugar."  I looked it up on the internet and got a very boring dissertation on why.  It's the same reason we pronounce "sure" as "shure."  Look it up.  I'm not your fucking professor.

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Balsamae said...

awe come on...try the fricken donut! ANd i bet its the same reason some people equate George W. Bush the voice of reason...
NO WAIT! this is about sugar, not stupid. Ok..ok..they both begin with s.

uhm, ok, it's the same reason we pronounce Knight & night the same way...but one is special. Wait! i've run into sugery cereal now...damn...

ok...ok...give me time, i will think of something.