Sunday, August 15, 2010


As I generally do on Sunday morning, I wandered over to Old South Pearl for the weekly farmer's market.  I was pleased, as was my nose, to see that the green chile guy was there roasting green chiles.  The aroma made me swoon.  I bought a bag of medium hot chiles just as they had come out of the roaster.  While I was paying the chile lady, her toddler wandered over to where papa was running the roaster.  Not a good place for a toddler to be.  He could easily get burned.  Papa turned off the roaster, picked the kid up and took him over by his mama and handed him a crescent wrench to play with.  Papa went back to roasting chiles while the toddler began swinging the wrench around.  We all began laughing our heads off and mama turned around to see what was so funny.  She saw nothing unusual so it was back to business. I went home to get my camera, came back and took a picture of the laddie, sans crescent wrench.

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