Sunday, January 18, 2009


My favorite show is back for its third season. I’ve been waiting for ever so long! What compels me to this show eludes me, except from the exceptional drama of it all. And I do lurve drama!
The most bothersome part of this show is Alby. Alby is the epitome of an homophobe. Uncomfortable with his own homosexuality; he’s the most evil person on the show; more evil than Roman Grant! Alvy calls it his “proclivity.”
I only hope that Tom Hanks, the producer and Dustin Lance Black (the writer of “Milk”) and one of the writer’s of Big Love, can pull this all together…somehow.
Once this season is over, I’m dumping Comcast, HBO and all that crap so I can pay some bills. I can’t believe I’m paying a fortune for one fucking show!!!

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