Monday, December 29, 2008

TRIPP JOHNSTON ARRIVES Well, it’s about goddam time! I’ve been waiting for this blessed event since the 20th. She gave the kid his baby daddy’s last name. Can you do that? Thought they didn’t get married. She named the baby for what she was doing when she conceived…tripping.
Levi wanted to name the baby after his favorite truck part, Tranny, but Granny Palin nixed the idea. She also didn’t like his runner up, Truck. Granny Johnston wanted to name him Trank. Why not?
He was born in Palmer, Alaska. That’s away from the watchful eyes of the press so that she could exchange her real baby who’s black and whose father’s name is Kevin, for a white baby. Tripp is a changling!!!
I would have named the baby after his daddy, Trick. There’s still room in the womb for future Wasillians, like Trekk, Trapp and Trokk. If she had a daughter, her name would be Trampp.

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