Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Ted Haggard has taken to the pulpit again. Bully for him, I say. But…try preaching tolerance this time around my busted butt buddy. So you were molested when you were seven. Sounds like you may have enjoyed it. Therein lies the rub, so to speak.
What really pisses me off, Ted, is that the church that YOU founded, is not “enthusiastic” about your return to preaching. Tell them to fuck off!
I don’t doubt for one minute the struggle that your family went through. Indeed, you may have been acting out some inner struggles with sexual identity. I must confess, that I have had sex with a number of women in my late teens and early twenties, but I got over it and realized that I’m gay. It wasn't a choice...I KNEW it!!! It was a struggle with sexual identity on my part and I hurt some women in the process.
Take heart that your experimentation was with a male prostitute. You were not a heart breaker to some poor guy that really loved you. You came to grips that you were an heterosexual. You had sex with a guy and realized that you’re straight. It can happen!!!
Best of luck Ted in what you do in the future, but remember the lesson learned and how it can hurt. Please preach tolerance and love and stop saying that homosexual sex is a sin. Either live Leviticus to the letter in all aspects of your life or start selling cars.
Many gay people find solace in the church, but they don’t go there to hear that women are chattel, how to treat their slaves and what fabrics can or cannot be mixed. Get with it, Ted! You’ve got a great new message of compassion and forgiveness. Don’t fuck up or we’ll be on your ASS!!!

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