Monday, November 10, 2008


“Why do you listen to that asshole?” my dentist asked.
“Maybe I’m testing the efficacy of my blood pressure medicine. Or maybe I just love screaming ‘fuck you’ in traffic with the windows rolled down.”

The Dan Craplips and Craig Silverfish show is on Denver’s KHOW when I’m doing errands or going to the grocery store.
Craplips is a piece of work! He’s the most egregious right wingnut that Denver has to offer. I was hoping that he’d settle down after the election now that his party has LOST!!! But no! He’s still got major wood for John McCain and Sarah Palin.
Craig’s OK. He’s the voice of reason on that show, but Craplips’ opinions fail all reason. He is the biggest PHONY out there. His affectations slay me. “This is K-Etch-O-W. Etch??? He also calls Craig, “my brother or my friend” as he does most of his callers. You are NOT my brother or my friend, you big bag of foul, fetid flatulence!

Since Obama announced his candidacy, the show should have been called “The Bash Obama Show.” Poor Craig. I could just see him grimacing at Craplips’ vile spew. Recently Craig has been standing up to him, but Craplips can turn any phrase around so that in the end you are the devil.

Craplips can do no wrong!!! He’s perfect!!! Always right!!! A fucking saint!!! He had gay roommates in college, but you should hear him on that subject. Yeah, right, Craplips…gay roommates indeed. They must be right proud of you!
They way he carried on about Sarah Palin was shameless. Listening to him describe her “experience” was difficult to listen to. It was like listening to an obscene telephone call and you just knew that he was workin’ it. You betcha. I’ll bet his trophy wife was wondering, WTF???

Your party lost, you pompous prick! Fucking get over it, eat your goddam crow, SHUT THE FUCK UP and go to Etch-E-L-L.

By the way, I found the photo of Christ Craplips on the American Indian Movement site. When I went to copy the photo in ‘save as’ it said “Asshole1.” Asshole2 was Craig Silverfish…I disagree. Craig is not an asshole. He’s just a…lawyer.

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