Sunday, May 25, 2008

Well…it started out to be good holiday, but this afternoon things got dicey.
I have an old friend from back in the late 70’s. He burned a lot of bridges because when he drank; it was a Jekyll and Hyde kind of thing. He stopped drinking and a lot of us old buddies started hanging with him again. After many years, mind you.
Lately we fix dinner for each other and he’ll have a couple of beers. Hmm….I thought he stopped drinking.
We planned a trip to Red Feather Lakes to stay in a cabin at Trout Lodge and I would do some fishing. My friend isn’t much of a fisherman, but he bought a two day license. One the first day he caught two fish. The only fish we caught on Friday.
Great time Saturday. We fished and both of us caught fish
We were going to rent a car to come up here, but, my friend got suckered on some deal where he could win a prize if he came to some certain car lot. They sold him a car and this guy is begging money from his friends so that he can have a liver biopsy done on his five pound Chihuahua dog!
I overlook this kind of bullshit. Dog lovers are funny…strange. Anyway…he’s obsessing over this fucking dog, he’s got buyers remorse for the car and fusses over every tiny detail.
Tonight he’d been drinking, but I wasn’t aware how much, as I’d been out fishing. When I was fixing dinner, he went totally ballistic…like the old friend that we didn’t like very much. The trash can we full of beer cans.
He said to be packed and ready to go early in the morning. Hope he’s sobered up by morning and we can do some fishing. Just hope he’s Jekyll and not Hyde. Or is it the other way around.

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