Sunday, May 11, 2008


WTF??? is up with this wedding cake? Is it on purpose? I think it might be the humidity in Texas. How pitiful. They could have done better with a high dollar designer cake anyway. Like one of these cakes by Katrice!
I’m not knocking Jenna and Henry’s wedding. I’ve always liked president’s kids better than the presidents anyway. That goes double for old Dubya. Jenna’s a fun party gal and has kept us entertained over the years and I don’t hold her father against her.
Jimmy Carter’s daughter, Amy was a delight. We all loved her. President Ford’s kids were fun too. I especially liked his sons Jack and Steven. Susan was a real party gal as well. The Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea was a swan. Look at her now!
Chelsea, darling…think before you pick that wedding cake!
Then there were the Nixon girls. Puh-leeze! One of them married that geeky Eisenhower boy.
Wedding cakes are coming of age. All you have to do is google “wedding cakes” and there’s a plethora of mind boggling creations out there. The Jenna/Henry cake is only interesting because it resembles the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
I wish Jenna and Henry well. (Why isn’t he in Iraq?) Just kidding, my little oil rich darlings…we all know why!
Damn! I didn’t want to get too bitchy with all of this. I really do wish them well and that they see the light and vote for a democrat!!! A democrat would not have chosen that ugly ass cake!!!

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