Monday, April 28, 2008


I really shouldn’t diss this dude. He’s probably one of the nicest guys on campus. I’m hoping it’s his bad side and the photographer was having a bad day. But…is his hair on purpose?
This is Leonard Sun, a 19 year old freshman from the University of Colorado in Boulder. Google the Boulder Daily Camera and you can read the story there.
He was awarded the title, “CUTEST VEGETARIAN ALIVE.” This was in a competition with 1700 other males. He will get a chance to model for a PETA T-shirt.
I don’t have a thing against vegetarians. If I had to actually kill the food I eat I would be down to fish and chicken. Both are easy kills and easy to clean. I don’t eat a lot of beef anymore, but when I do I let Taco Bell kill the damned thing. But…PETA pisses me off with their in-your-face crap. I will not feel guilty about Babe in my green chile! Just as a matter of personal taste, I grew up on Bambi and HATED it. Gross, foul tasting, nasty, inedible…I could go on. Elk and buffalo are good, but I eschew red meat in general.
I also wear leather shoes and have a buckskin blanket that was given to me by my step-dad. I LOVE that thing!
I guess the whole point of this is that I’ve seen much better looking meat eaters.
(I’d love to see the photos of the 1699 guys that lost!)

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