Saturday, December 02, 2006

Tomorrow is the Big Move

Everything is packed except the important stuff. Thought I’d leave that for last as I’ll probably need it tonight.
Luigi will come with his pickup truck, and Concezione in her SUV. I will pack what’s left in my smart little Japanese Shakabutzu. We are all exhausted. Luigi has been remodeling the bathroom in the Italian style with a shower nozzle in the floor. Kind of cross between a carwash and a bidet. Concezione has graciously removed the Winnie the Pooh wallpaper from my room and has repainted it.
The lady who bought my piano (for the full price) showed up today with two big men to haul it off. I had to help those wimps and I’m pushing plenty-nine. Before they moved it she said, “Show me how to make it play all those songs.” It does have a small library of songs, but I’ve never played them. Too busy playing the piano for real! I guess Trang showed her what it could do and he wasn’t here. I told her the manual was in the piano bench and to RTFM.Off to beddie bye. I took a Vicodin and visions of fairies (sugar plum) are dancing through my head. Sugar plum my ass!

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