Monday, November 27, 2006

Dear Lord, I Wish It Was Today!
I will retire on this date in 2013. This is a house I found online in Merida Mexico. Two bedrooms (I hate to share a room with Peach!) and only $400 a month and they’re willing to bargain on the rent! It even has a balcony when I can sit and be serenaded by sexy Mexican men. And that tower…what’s up with that?
It’s colder than a silicone tit here in Denver. I want to go now!!! It’s a damn good thing I love my job or I’d be miserable.
The piano sold for the asking price. Trang negotiated the deal and is taking a commission. It’s a well deserved one too! You know who your real friends are when they help you move a piano.
I’m celebrating this momentous occasion with a couple of shots of Knob. I’m actuly poring my thirg one now.

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