Sunday, October 08, 2006

What to do for Halloween? Peach can’t get into her lovely gowns anymore. She still has lips by Max Factor, eyes by Maybelline, but her body’s by Russell Stover.
Sylvia has come the rescue. She’s going to help me go Goth. Can you hardly? It could be my new look. Instead of the Old Dude With The Hat, I could be…Uncle Fester? Peach is going on a diet now!!!


Mark Hernandef said...

"Old dude with the hat"? Oh no, was it something I said?? To make amends, I'll try to elicit another chuckle or two from ya.

ToppaTwo said...

I'm NOT old! I'm only plenty-nine!

Anonymous said...

How the hell does Fat Peach get away with such "mature" beauty? You'd think that a woman with such a long and deeply moving career would look "ages" older. She must have her beauty secrets well in hand. Just look at those eyes, that hair, that mouth! Just because her old stage and silver screen rivals used to repeat in jealous disgust behind her back...."that BIG red scar on her face she calls a mouth" DID help her make it to the "big time", but they always added that... "she didn't get those lips from sucking doorknobs either"! They just didn't have Peach's oral talents.
Poor jealous loser Bitches!!!!!!