Wednesday, June 16, 2010


This epiphany has to be dealt with sooner than later.
Last night I was looking for Denver gay blogs to see what was going on during our gay day of days. I was distracted by a extraneous link and did find a blog, but it has nothing to do with Denver. And nothing to do with Pride Day.
The blog is called
This guy really made me laugh. A lot! His blog is hilarious!!!
There was a picture of him kissing a dolphin. Cute picture. Adorable man!
It was an Orlando venue where Toby, 26, from Washington DC was swimming with the dolphins.
They reminded him, “Don’t touch the slit.”


Toby did not elaborate.
What would happen if you DID touch the slit, I wondered.
Google, gobble, google, gobble.
Didn’t take long at all!
There’s this guy that romances dolphins and I am NOT providing a link.
Apparently there are two ways this can go. If the dolphin really likes you, you can have your way…male or female.
If they think you’re a one night stand, you could be hideously injured.
The things I learn on the internet!

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