Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Nadya Suleman is one misguided soul. She now has 14 kids she cannot afford, and it will be up to taxpayers like you and me to bail her out.
I have nothing against large families, but a single woman bringing this many children into the world without so much as a lesbian lover, is beyond belief!
I always wanted children and I thought 12 kids would be great! BUT…I would never consider going it alone! None of my gay male lovers ever conceived so I suppose this is moot. Still…I wanted kids. Now at 60, I’m not so sure anymore. Just one would be overwhelming. But, if someone came up and said, “here, take this kid,” I would be hard pressed to turn him or her down. Oh, the mother in me! Enough about me and my dreams of fatherhood/motherhood.
Nadya makes me sad. Those kids will ultimately be farmed out. She has no job and her mother has HAD IT! Can she milk her 15 minutes and sell a book?
Is it just me or did she stop off on Rodeo Drive to have lip plumping on the way to her Hollywood baby doc?

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