Sunday, December 14, 2008

The “highly respected” Mormon Church has yet another prophet sniffing rocks from a hat. Leland Freeborn, the Parawan Prophet, prophecies that Barack Obama will never take office because the old line Russians will nuke us into oblivion before Christmas.
He admits to having a plural marriage. That’s kind of like admitting that you're growing marijuana. Come on! It’s illegal as hell. Arrest the motherfucker for polygamy. If he can have more than one wife, why can’t I have just one husband?
I’m so tired of this religious crap that goes unpunished!
I’m willing to make a concession with the Mormons. Marry as many women as you want as long as they are over the age of consent and let me marry as many husbands as I want as long as they are over the age of consent!

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