Thursday, December 04, 2008

Downtown MontROSE not MONTrose
Downtown Breckenridge not Breck

A word to the wise for Denver’s Channel 7 team as well as Channel 4 and 9. I always watch Channel 7. It’s the best. EXCEPT for a couple of local items. Listen up, Mike Landess, Mike Nelson and Anne Trujillo!
The town of Montrose is pronounced MontROSE, not MONTrose. You sound like a bunch of harelips! I was born there…I know!
As a wave of nostalgia wafts over me, my Dad took me to a 3.2 bar in Montrose when I turned 18 in 1966. He bought me a glass of Coors beer for 10 cents.
Natives of Colorado are touchy. It’s Breckenridge…not Breck! Go to San Francisco and try referring to it as Frisco. You’ll get your butt kicked by a bunch of nelly queens for that kind of affected shit!
You sound like a bunch of clueless out of towners. Other than that, you do a fabulous job!!!

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Wendy said...

Indeed, it is NOT Frisco. I grate every time I hear mention of the CO town called Frisco, thinking for a moment that they are referring to San Fran, the City, or SF.