Saturday, September 09, 2006

Rue Tallulah Lenska and Peach Melba dolled up for Coronation circa 1986. Rue left the planet in 1995. Peach is alive and well. They used to appear on weekends at the Sally Sparkle Lounge at the Bowlero Lanes on Colorado Blvd. Rue lives on in her recordings and movies. Peach gave it all up after her legs went south.

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Anonymous said...

I've seen these two trouble makers before. Peach, the one on the right, used to "work" out of a dive at 17th and Curtis.
Too bad they tore the place down and put her back on the streets. Of course when her legs went south she never recoverd from the loss of revenue.
The other leggy trooper did leave the planet, but her spirit still provides stunningly beautiful man-o-man erotic dreams to many "closeted" Republican House and Senate members. Rue always believed her talent would live on. She believed in her cause and has been rewarded in Heaven for her "Come out, Come out, Wherever Your Are' Nocturnal Cabaret. Bless her.