Sunday, September 17, 2006

Just had to publish this uplifting photo the "The Pinnacle" at REI in Denver. It doesn't have the changable handhold that many rock walls have. This has a natural rock feel. I did the climb on the left and it was a piece of cake. When I got to the top of the second climb, I was greatful I was not at Eldorado Canyon or the Eiger!!! This happened on my last birthday when I turned plenty-nine. Peach wanted to do it in heels.
Last night's post didn't happen. I helped a friend hang drywall. When I got home I consumed a prescribed prescription drug that Eminem is fond of and had a martini. Slept late this morning and was bitchy all day. Took an other Eminem pill (no, not extasy!) and mellowed out. Drywall. Am I nuts?

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