Thursday, September 07, 2006

The days are getting shorter and colder. It seems like clockwork. Happens every year. God only knows!
Poor little Crepe Myrtle. Looks like pink popcorn in slow motion. Does anyone have any experience with these dwarf little beauties in northern climes?
I make soap as a hobby. So much nicer than the store bought stuff. I make mine out of animal, vegetable fats and lye. They have taken lye out of the grocery stores because slow squirrels use it to make methamphetamine. Used to be able to get Red Devil Lye Drain Cleaner at Albertsons. Not anymore! Now I have to order it online and pay a hazardous material shipping fee. Anyone in Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas or New Mexico wants to start a soap making coop, let me know! I was going to do a little cottage industry soap business, but if I can’t procure one the essential ingredients…merde!
I suppose I could make lye the old way and drizzle water through wood ashes, but no…
I got my hands on ten pounds of suet, which is the fat around the kidneys of a cow. I’ve been rendering a bit at a time and I’ve just got a couple of pounds to boil off. I’ll have about six pounds of tallow. This makes a nice hard bar with small creamy bubbles. I’ve been giving my soap away and using it myself. Haven’t bought soap in over a year. I’m new at blogging so I’ve got to hone a few html skills for some sweet links so I’ll hold off on the wonderful world of soap making for awhile.